Labial adhesions

Incidence Labial adhesions occur in up to 2% of girls usually in the first 2 years of life:   Cause The cause has not been clearly identified. Some have postulated … Read more

Urethral Meatitis

To my knowledge, there is nothing published in medical journals or the internet about urethral meatitis. Despite this, I commonly diagnose boys in my clinic with the condition. I refer … Read more

Simple Renal Cysts

We often see patients with incidentally found simple renal cysts on ultrasounds done for urinary symptoms/abdominal pain. Once a cyst is found, I feel obligated to continue to monitor it … Read more

Vaginal Voiding

Vaginal voiding occurs when the urine goes from out the urethra back into the vagina. Radiologists often see vaginal voiding in girls during a voiding cystourethrogram due to the fact … Read more


Following is a summary of the Spanish guidelines for the management of primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting with no daytime urinary symptoms in children older than 5 years). Some important … Read more

Smegma Balls

Smegma balls are a common referral to pediatric urologists. These are some of the descriptions I see on the referrals: Penile mass Penile tumor Penile abscess Penile pus According to … Read more