Urachal Remnants

Urachal Remnant

Urachal Remnants: Sleeping lions or another downside of too much medical care? On one hand, some doctors advocate removing all urachal remnants due to their potential to cause infections or … Read more

The Acute Scrotum

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The “acute scrotum” is a condition characterized by the recent onset of scrotal pain with or without redness or swelling. A good history and physical examination are all that is … Read more

3 key steps for a perfect newborn circumcision

Poor circumcision technique or inappropriate postoperative care after a newborn circumcision,┬ácan lead to problems such as: penile skin bridges, concealment, adhesions, redundant foreskin, or meatal stenosis. These complications could be … Read more

Please do not stop the circumcision!

Most doctors would not attemp a circumcision on these patients with obvious hypospadias/chordee: However, if you start a circumcision because the penis looked normal at the beginning, please don’t stop! … Read more

Care of the circumcised penis

This post goes over common circumcision complications and how to prevent them. These are the most common long-term┬ácomplications of neonatal circumcision: Meatal Stenosis Soft penile adhesions Penile skin bridges Concealed … Read more