Concealed penis

concealed penis

Definition A concealed penis occurs when the head of the penis telescopes inside the foreskin under the healing circumcision line which then contracts into a tight ring. This happens soon … Read more

Difficult urethral catheterization algorithm

As a urology intern, I witnessed other residents approach difficult urethral catheterizations (DUC) in a random and disorganized way. They would bring to the bedside the “urology-cart” and open drawers … Read more

Congenital chordee with a short urethra

40 degrees of penile curvature

Both, Congenital chordee and hypospadias, can have: Dorsal hooded foreskin Deficient ventral foreskin Bifid scrotum Penoscrotal transposition Penile curvature A normally positioned urethral meatus distinguishes congenital chordee from hypospadias: Penile curvature … Read more