Robotic Pyeloplasty: Pelvic Kidney

This post describes port placement with hidden incisions and the technique for a robotic pyeloplasty in a pelvic Kidney.


Frog leg with slight elevation of the ipsilateral side; secure legs and chest with tape:

Positioning pelvic kidney pyeloplasty


Port placement

Since pelvic kidneys tend to be close to the midline, I place the ports on the contralateral side. The robot right-hand port goes lateral to the epigastric vessels and the camera port as laterally as possible, both on the bikini line:

robotic pyeloplasty pelvic kidney port placement


You will notice in the video that the approach to the UPJ is from a different angle in pelvic kidneys. However, this poses no challenge.

I use an 8-12 cm by 3.7 Fr ureteral stent for these cases.



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