Suprise Femoral Hernia

The last time I read about femoral hernias was during my surgery internship. Up to recently, I have never seen an actual femoral hernia or heard of any of my … Read more

Urethral Meatitis

To my knowledge, there is nothing published in medical journals or the internet about urethral meatitis. Despite this, I commonly diagnose boys in my clinic with the condition. I refer … Read more

For Bladder Stones, Scope Size Matters

I cystoscopically removed a 5 cm stone in a teenager with neurogenic bladder status post bladder augmentation: I decided to do this cystoscopically — and not open or percutaneously — … Read more

Clinical challenges in Prune Belly patients

Patients with Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS) suffer from recurrent urinary infections, difficulties voiding/emptying and/or renal failure. Almost always, boys with PBS have bilateral undescended testis but for this article, I … Read more

Real life indications for pyeloplasty

No kidney function on left

In a previous post, I went over the indications for a pyeloplasty and discussed their merits and drawbacks. To better inform the families of the children I take care of, … Read more

Simple Renal Cysts

We often see patients with incidentally found simple renal cysts on ultrasounds done for urinary symptoms/abdominal pain. Once a cyst is found, I feel obligated to continue to monitor it … Read more

Vaginal Voiding

Vaginal voiding occurs when the urine goes from out the urethra back into the vagina. Radiologists often see vaginal voiding in girls during a voiding cystourethrogram due to the fact … Read more

Prostatic utricles

Prostatic utricles (PU) are rarely found in boys with a history of severe hypospadias or disorders of sex development, either during preoperative evaluation with a voiding cystogram or at any … Read more