Vaginal Voiding

Vaginal voiding occurs when the urine goes from out the urethra back into the vagina. Radiologists often see vaginal voiding in girls during a voiding cystourethrogram due to the fact that the child’s legs are strapped together causing the closure of the labia majora.

Vaginal voiding can also occur in older girls if they void with their legs together.


Vaginal voiding found during a voiding cystogram is inconsequential and should not be considered an abnormal finding.

On the other hand, vaginal voiding in older girls can result in post void dribbling. Girls report that after they get off the toilet and move around, urine drips into their underwear. There is no urgency or pain associated with the dribbling and the amount of leaking is usually mild.


Nothing needs to be done for vaginal voiding found during a cystogram.

For girls having post void dribbling due to vaginal voiding, we recommend sitting on the toilet facing the toilet (backward). This maneuver forces the child to separate her legs which solves the problem.


Vaginal voiding is normal when seen during a voiding cystourethrogram. Older girls with post void dribbling due to vaginal voiding can be helped by having them void facing the toilet.

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