4/16/2020 PedsUroFLO lecture highlights: Dr. Baskin on Ped Uro emergencies

Dr. Basking went over a series of clinical cases. These are some points I thought were interesting from the lecture:


  • Newborns with cloacal exstrophy go home after a workup and then have elective surgery at 6 weeks: osteotomies, colostomy, closure of bladder halves.
  • The neonatal torsion salvage rate is less than 1%. Most newborns are recommended contralateral orchiopexy (scrotal approach) >48 hrs-1 weeks after birth when anesthesia is safer.
  • Abdominoscrotal hydroceles go away with observation and are not at risk for a hernia.
  • Newborn with traumatic delivery and a scrotal hematoma could have an adrenal hemorrhage — with blood tracking down from the retroperitoneal.

From the Q & A:

For ureterocele puncture, Dr. Baskin uses a Bugbee with the setting at 20 on cut.


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