How to repair a common case of male urethral duplication

One of the most common configurations of male urethral duplication involves:

  1. A dorsal atretic urethra ending in an orthotopic position and,
  2. A ventral normal caliber urethra ending in a hypospadic position:

A STAG repair (Staged autograft) works well for repairing this anomaly.

  • The penis is degloved after distal circumcising incision

  • The ventral urethra is dissected as proximally as necessary to remove most of the dorsal urethra.


The dorsal urethra is excised as best as possible. Leaving a proximal stump of the dorsal urethra is likely not to cause any issues.

After removing the dorsal urethra the case turns into any other STAG repair that you would do for severe hypospadias cases (click on images below for a slide show).


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