Circumcision Postoperative Instructions


The dressing should fall off on its own after a few days.

It is normal for the dressing to get soiled with stool (if your child is not potty trained). That happens very often. Many parents fear that it can cause an infection, however, infections are extremely rare.  Please just clean the stool off with a baby wipe as best as you can.


Wound Care

After the bandages fall off please clean around the head of the penis retracting the foreskin until you can see the “red line” at the base of the head of the penis:

Soft penile adhesions


After you clean the head of the penis and are sure to see this red line (corona of the glans penis), please apply Vaseline around the head of the penis with diaper changes if your child is still in diapers or 3-6 times a day if your child is not on diapers.

The head of the penis is a very sensitive part of the body that was meant to be protected by foreskin. After removing the foreskin with circumcision this part becomes very sensitive. It helps to keep applying Vaseline for 6 more months to allow the head of the penis skin to adapt to its new environment.



It is ok to sponge bath/shower your child starting the day after surgery but we recommend no bathing or swimming for 1 week.

Pain Medicines

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Motrin) are usually all is needed for pain.

Each of these medicines can be given every 6 hrs. You can give both at the same time every 6 hrs or give one of each every 3 hrs:

  • Tylenol at 9 am
  • Ibuprofen at 12 pm
  • Tylenol at 3 pm
  • Ibuprofen at 6 pm…

Please give these medicines for 24 hrs on a schedule. After 24 hrs you can give the medicines on as- needed basis.


As long as all is well, we would like to see your child 6 weeks after surgery. At that time most of the swelling will be gone and we would be able to assess the outcome of the surgery.


How to deal with common problems


In case you see more than a quarter size of bleeding, please notify your doctor and in the meantime do the following:

  1. Fold a dry washcloth
  2. Point the penis up towards his chin
  3. Place the folded washcloth on top of dressing/penis
  4. Close diaper really tight
  5. Check again in 20 minutes


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