Second Stage Hypospadias Repair Postoperative Instructions

Understanding the dressing

Your child dressing has a few layers:


Non-adherent gauze
Transparent tape around penis and catheter
Transparent tape holding penis down

These bandages will fall off on their own within 1-7 days.

Is normal for them to get soiled with stool. That happens very often. Many parents fear that can cause an infection, however, infections are extremely rare.  Please just clean the stool off with a baby wipe as best as you can.

Catheter care

Your child has a catheter that should remain in place for 10-15 days. The catheter is sutured to the head of the penis:

Please watch your child hands when you change his diaper, as they sometimes pull the catheter out accidentally.

If the catheter comes out before the scheduled 10-15 days, it is usually ok. Please notify your doctor that the catheter came out.

Wound care

After the bandages fall off, please do the following with every diaper change for at least 6 weeks:

  1. Cut a rectangular piece of non-adherent pad:
  2. Apply Vaseline to one side of the non-adherent pad.
  3. Point the penis up towards your child chin
  4. Place the Vaseline side of the non-adherent pad on the penis
  5. Close the diaper on top of the non-adherent pad



It is ok to sponge bath your child but we recommend no bathing or swimming for 2 weeks.

Pain medicines

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Motrin) are usually all is needed for pain.

Each of these medicines can be given every 6 hrs. You can give both at the same time every 6 hrs or give one of each every 3 hrs:

  • Tylenol at 9 am
  • Ibuprofen at 12 pm
  • Tylenol at 3 pm
  • Ibuprofen at 6 pm…

Please give these medicines for 24 hrs on a schedule. After 24 hrs you can give the medicines on as- needed basis.


Your child was prescribed an antibiotic to be given 2 times a day until the catheter is removed.

Bladder spasm medicine

Sometimes we prescribe a medicine called Oxybutynin to prevent bladder pain/spasm. You should not give this medicine the day your child is scheduled for catheter removal.


10-15 days in the office to remove his catheter.


How to deal with common problems

Very often the dressing will get saturated with blood and that is normal. A small amount of blood on his diaper is also normal:

If there is more than a quarter size of blood on the diaper do the following and notify your doctor:

  1. Fold a dry washcloth
  2. Place on top of dressing/penis
  3. Close diaper really tight
  4. Check again in 20 minutes


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