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During fellowship, I was told it would take around 5 years to get to a point where your daily life becomes routine. Although you still encounter challenging cases that keep you awake at night, these instances only happen a few times a year. Where during the first few years you were reading and preparing about your cases ahead of time most days, 5 years later you just show up to work and tackle whatever your scheduler booked for you.  

After 5 years learning is harder. All the low hanging fruit is gone, and it now takes hours of reading to come up with any actionable piece of information. You start not reading anymore. Annual meetings become more painful every year from the didactic standpoint, but better from the social one.  

If you are at this stage, I think you will find value on this blog. I found myself at this stage and was uncomfortable settling with the idea that I learned what I learned and now let’s just do the same things the same way for the next 30 years, play golf and stay out of trouble.  

There are lots of things we don’t know, or that could be done better in pediatric urology. One of them is the sharing and condensing of important information. Traditional scientific Journals have been the source of this information, but sometimes they are akin to using horses for transportation.  

This blog will aggregate and distill new and innovative ideas crowdsourcing from around the world. That, of course, could only happen with buy-in from the international community of pediatric urologists on this project.  

So if you have a great idea, a trick, or anything that will save time or money, please share!! 

To encourage sharing, we will try to keep things confidential and use fun monikers. 



Sharp Scalpel

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